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The Most Important and Reliable Black Elderberry Benefits – Elderberry has several variants. Two of them are red elderberry and black elderberry. Black elderberry or Sambucus nigra is a small elderberry that is native to mostly Europe. Of so many varieties of elderberry plants, the black elderberry is the species that has widely used as medical plant. Even, the history has noted that the black elderberry species had been part for medication.

Black Elderberry Benefits
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Black elderberry benefits are countless. Therefore, for centuries, the fruits from the tree were eaten by the early ancestors of Europe and North America. It had been long known that the black elderberry syrup was a good remedy for fevers. Besides, they also prepared the black syrup for many other health problems associated with colds and influenza virus.

Black Elderberry Benefits

Besides curing some health problems related to cold and fever, there is recently new interest in using the black elderberry. Today, black elderberry is used as a mean to support a healthy immune system.

The efficacy of black elderberry to boost immune system has been proven by laboratory and clinical studies. It is thus good to make the black elderberry syrup to minimize the effects of getting sick.

Black elderberry is a good natural remedy for various health problesm. However, we should not rely on black elderberry when it is for chronical illness. Besides, not all claims are supported by clinical research. For instance, some sources mention about the elderberry benefit for AIDS.

The Most Important and Reliable Black Elderberry Benefits

This is a good news for the serious case of AIDS. Besides, some claim that black elderberry is also helpful to cure cancer and Alzheimer. The claims are from (Chen, 2014; Konlee, 1998; Zambenedetti, 1998). However, the evidence is weak and the studies are a mere preliminary.

Therefore, if it is for serious health problems, we cannot rely on just the black elderberry. It might be helpful to improve our body immunity but not totally cure the serious ailments. Meanwhile, many scientific researches prove that black elderberry is a good fruit for various health efficacies:

Cytokine Booster

Out immune system is related to the levels of cytokines. Therefore, when the level of cytokine level improved, we will be able to get healthier with better immune system.

Antioxidant booster

Antioxidants are helpful for protecting our bodies from bad impacts of free radicals. Besides, it will protect cells from damages. Cancerous cells will be cured or removed with good quality antioxidants. Besides, we can improve our young look with antioxidants.

Attacking Viruses

Viral activities will be suppressed with high quality nutrients and good supplements with black elderberry. This efficacy has been proven with data and scientific research.

We can get the excellent black elderberry benefits through syrup and capsules. We can buy raw black elderberry fruits and make the syrup in our own kitchen. We can also get dried black elderberry fruits to prepare the syrup or wine.

It is good if we have the black elderberry trees in our own backyard. If not, we have to be sure that we select the fruit properly to make sure that we create good quality syrup of black elderberry.

Of so many black elderberry benefits, we can say that black elderberry for treating flu is the most trusted one.

A study in 2016 by Tiralongo et al showed that black elderberry syrup will be helpful for reducing the duration of flu and shorten th symptoms of flu to people who did international travel.

The research proven that black elderberry syrup can boost immune system. But, how does the black elderberry boost our immune system?

Black elderberry benefits give us a good immune system booster in three ways. The firts way is by killing the infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, and parasitic worms.

Next, it helps improving our immune sytem by enhancing our cytokine production. Besides, it delivers antioxidant flavonoids to the entire bodies.

With those health benefits of black elderberry, we should thus include the berries in our diet. We can serve the syrup to give our families better body fitness and resistane againts virus. Besides, it is also essential to have the syrup so we do not have to take chemical medications. The black elderberry benefits will help us to live healthier and stay young at the same time.

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