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The Hidden Health Benefits of Dried Goji Berries - Goji berries can provide countless benefits. However, we have to make a thorough observation to prove them all. Goji berries have been featured in the ancient China. Since so long time ago, goji berries are used for treating eyes, liver, and kidney diseases. 

The flavor of goji berries is sweet with only slightly-sour taste. Usually, we will find dried goji berries that look like raisins in the market. Health benefits of dried berries are enough to give us encouragement to include the berries into our daily diet menus.

Goji Berries Nutritional Facts:

  • Vitamin C: goji berries are an excellent source of vitamin C. So, we can consume it as a regular diet for keeping body fitness.
  • Fiber: The fiber content makes this food excellent for dieters. Our digestion will be healthier as we consume fruit with high fiber.
  • Iron: Iron will make us energetic and appear fresh
  • Vitamin A: This is the reason why goji berries have been utilized for eye health.
  • Zinc: this is also the essential element for bone and immunity.
  • Antioxidant: Berries all contain super antioxidant to fight against free radicals. This is the secret ingredient of a young and beautiful appearance.

Goji berries also contain 8 essential amino acids. If we have 4 ounces of goji berries, we will be able to fulfill 10 percent of our protein requirement daily. Also, goji berries have complex carbs. Unlike rice and bread, goji berries have the complex carb that will not make blood sugar rise too fast. This will reduce the risk of diabetes. The main reason why rice is not recommended for diabetes patients is due to the simple carb factor. Yet, goji berries will work vice versa. It is a healthy way to enjoy the sweet taste of fruits.

Goji Berries Side Effects

Before we go to Health benefits of dried goji berries, we need to reveal the side effects of goji berries.

Goji berries are relatively safe for everyone. However, it is important to consult about the goji berries intake. This is so because goji berries can interact with almost all medications. So, when we are currently taking medications, we will need to avoid eating goji berries.

Health Benefits of Dried Goji Berries
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Who should avoid eating goji berries?

The patients of low blood sugar should not take goji berries. Besides, the patients who take warfarin or blood thinners need to avoid the berries as well. Those who suffer low or high blood pressure should also exclude goji berries. 

Next, this is very crucial, because it relates to a very important case. Pregnancy women and women who are breastfeeding should avoid the berries. The goji berries can cause miscarriage. Though goji berries do not cause allergic to most people, there are some that report allergy reaction after eating goji berries. So, those who are allergic to goji berries should avoid eating this fruit.

Note: Goji berries have abundant content of vitamin A. Only one-fourth cup of goji berries can provide 340 percent of vitamin A. Therefore, we need to set a tight limit of goji berries. Excessive vitamin A can cause toxicity.

Health Benefits of Dried Goji Berries

Improve Immune system

Our immunity systems are essential elements that give us a better health and body fitness. Everything starts from the strength of our immune system. 

We will be able to get rid of some illness fast due to our excellent immunity system. Besides, we can also avoid some terrible virus because of our strong immunity. Even, those who have strong immune will be able to get better soon because of that terrific immunity. 

Goji berries work to help people for obtaining a better immune system. It will boost immune and fight against the flu virus. The vitamins of goji berries will increase the natural immunity to protect human bodies against the virus.

Goji Berries for Weight Loss

It is quite hard to find some fruits that can speed up weight loss programs. Some fruits are healthy but not recommended for weight loss programs. 

This is so because of the sugar content. But goji berries are good for dieters. They are food for a high-quality energy source. The berries are rich in nutrients, sweet, and has low calories.

Antioxidants for Eyes and Skin

Studies show that antioxidants in goji berries will work well for eye and skin. The contents protect cells from aging. Smoke and free radicals will be no problem with goji berries. 

It is also high in fiber and low in fats. Health benefits of dried goji berries also include blood sugar maintenance that it will give a fresh and fit appearance.

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